Alloy 230 is a nickel-chromium alloy with tungsten and molybdenum additions. It boasts excellent oxidation resistance to 2100°F and superior strength at temperature. This allows alloy 230 to excel in creep and fatigue resistance at high temperatures. Alloy 230 also exhibits excellent nitriding and carburization resistance comparable to that of alloy 600. Alloy 230 is welded using 230-W weld fillers designated ERNiCrMo-1.


230® Sheet

Common Trade Names

Alloy 230, Haynes® 230


  • Excellent oxidation resistance to 2100°F
  • Superior high temperature strength
  • Resistant to grain coarsening at high temperatures
  • Good resistance to nitriding and carburizing


  • Transition ducts on turbine engines
  • Combustion linings on turbine engines
  • Furnace retorts
  • Flame shrouds
  • Vacuum heat treat fixtures