RA 602 CA®

Performance Profile

RA 602 CA® alloy is the most oxidation resistant/high strength nickel alloy available. It is capable of extreme temperature use up to and beyond 2200°F (1200°C). For thermal processing applications where minimal product contamination is necessary, the oxidation/scaling resistance of RA 602 CA is extremely desirable. A high chromium content, along with aluminum and yttrium additions, allows the alloy to develop a tightly adhering oxide scale.

A relatively high carbon content combined with the alloying additions of titanium and zirconium results in high creep rupture strength. RA 602 CA provides 150% of the strength of other commonly used nickel alloys such as alloy 600.


RA 602 CA® Plate, RA 602 CA® Sheet, RA 602 CA® Weld Wire

Common Trade Names



  • Outstanding resistance to cyclic oxidation through 2250°F (1232°C)
  • Excellent high temperature creep strength
  • Resistant to carburizing and nitriding environments
  • Highly resistant to grain growth in service
  • Superior behavior in oxidizing/chloridizing environments
  • Good resistance to metal dusting