Alloy 410S stainless steel is a low carbon modification of Type 410 stainless steel. Low carbon and optionally a small addition of titanium and/ or columbium minimize austenite formation at high temperatures, thereby restricting the alloy's ability to harden. The material remains soft and ductile even when the material is rapidly cooled from above the critical temperature. This low hardening characteristic helps to prevent cracking when the steel is welded or exposed to high temperatures. The alloy is completely ferritic in the annealed condition. 410S is ferromagnetic.


410S Plate

Common Trade Names

410S, 410S Stainless


  • Increased weldability over 410
  • Maintains ductility even when heated and quenched


  • Tower packing
  • Distillation trays
  • Automotive exhaust components
  • Quenching racks