Rolled Alloys Adds 718 AMS 5663 Round Bar Inventory


Temperance, MI - Rolled Alloys has announced the addition of 718 AMS 5663 round bar to its inventory. 

718 AMS 5663 is bar that is already aged (precipitation hardened).  This material provides high tensile strength and hardness compared to 718 in the annealed condition, which Rolled Alloys also inventories.

“Machining 718 bar in the AMS 5663 aged condition can be tougher on tooling than softer annealed AMS 5662 material.  However, the expense of aging and testing annealed material after machining can be extremely cost prohibitive depending on the scope of the work.  By using AMS 5663 aged material, once the part is completed there is nothing further to be done; no treating/testing expense; no risk of possible material failure at heat treat, and no loss of material control over the parts our customers have invested time and money into.” stated Eric Kadel, Rolled Alloys Product Manager.

“With the addition of a parallel stocking program in the aged AMS 5663 condition, we will be uniquely equipped to accommodate either production route, extending more flexibility to our customer base.”

Rolled Alloys’ bar processing options include precision sawing, band sawing, ink jet part marking, and XRF positive material verification.

As one of the largest suppliers of stainless steels, nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys, Rolled Alloys maintains 13 locations across North America and Asia, with additional representatives in Europe.  For additional information about the company, please visit