Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

How does a High-Def Plasma Cutter Work?

Our Hi-Def Plasma cuts with an electrical arc that passes from an electrode to the work piece. Plasmas use compressed gas to shield the electrical arc and give a downward direction for the plasma and slag being created.

Why choose the Plasma for cutting your alloy?

Plasma machines run fast and can cut thick plate, meaning they offer the lowest lead time of all CNC cutting machines. We provide plate beveling capability at all locations that offer plasma cutting.


Standard plasma cutting tolerances that apply to both the top and bottom surfaces are as follows:

  • Up to 1-3/4" thick: +1/8", -0
  • >1-3/4" to 3" thick: +1/4", -0
  • >3" to 4" thick: +3/8", -0
  • >4" to 5" thick: +3/4", -0
  • >5" to 6" thick: +1", -0

(Tolerance reversed on all I.D. cuts)
Diagonal tolerance is 3/16" maximum on plasma cut items
If you require tighter tolerances, please contact us.